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If you are arrested for impaired driving, our Birmingham DUI lawyers from Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant & Knight, P.C. will pull from 75+ years' of combined experience to help you with your defense. We have handled thousands of cases and have a history of obtaining positive results on behalf of our clients. We understand that facing DUI charges may be overwhelming and frightening. Our board certified attorneys will work alongside you throughout the entire legal process.

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10 Day Rule for DUIs in Alabama

Those who are arrested must request a hearing within 10 days or their driver’s license will be automatically suspended. This administrative hearing is separate from the actual drunk driving charges, and for both situations, you will need an attorney who can present your case intelligently and assertively. Our Birmingham DUI attorneys are well-versed in all types of impaired driving cases and charges and are known for their dedication to these matters.

Our DUI defense team will look at all aspects of your arrest, including:

  • Was there probable cause to stop your vehicle?
  • Was there reason to believe you were impaired?
  • Did the police officer conduct themselves in an appropriate manner?
  • Were you taking any prescription medications that cause visual symptoms of alcohol use without causing actual impairment?
  • Were field sobriety tests administered correctly?
  • Are there passengers or other witnesses who can attest you were sober?

Whether you are a first-time or repeat offender, we will work to form a successful defense on your behalf. We will also negotiate for you regarding sentencing and license suspensions.

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DUI Penalties in Alabama

In Alabama, the judge has discretion to impose jail time, fines, or both penalties on an individual convicted of a DUI. One of the most significant factors that determines the penalties for a DUI is whether or not it is a repeated offense.

1st DUI Offense Penalties

  • Jail time for up to 1 year
  • A fine of $600-$2,100
  • License Suspension for 90 days
  • Must have Ignition Interlock Device installed for 6 months (or 2 years with aggravated circumstances)

2nd DUI Offense Penalties

  • Jail time of 5 days to 1 year
  • A fine of $1,100-$5,100
  • License revoked for 1 year
  • Must have Ignition Interlock Device installed for 2 years (or 4 years with aggravated circumstances)

3rd DUI Offense Penalties

  • Jail time of 60 days to 1 year
  • A fine of $2,100-$10,100
  • License revoked for 3 years
  • Must have Ignition Interlock Device installed for 3 years (or 6 years with aggravated circumstances)

A convicted person might be allowed to serve a period of community service instead of jail time and might also be granted a restricted license during the period of his or her driver's license suspension.

Felony DUI & Vehicular Homicide in Alabama

Certain circumstances can lead to felony DUI charges, including prior DUI convictions, being arrested in a school zone, and impaired driving with a suspended license or no insurance. If someone is killed in a drunk-driving accident, the driver can also face serious charges such as vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter, and criminal negligence.

In these circumstances, we will explore every possible option, including reduced charges, plea bargains, and alternatives to jail time. Attorney Richard S. Jaffe has contributed to a leading book about DUI and vehicular homicide and you count on his counsel, and representation from the rest of our team, for the help you need.

what can a Birmingham dui Lawyer do for you?

Contacting a Birmingham DUI lawyer is essential when facing a drunk driving charge in Birmingham. Their awareness of the legal system, knowledge of Birmingham-specific DUI laws, and ability to craft a successful defense on your behalf will prove crucial in the weeks or months after a DUI arrest. 

An experienced Birmingham DUI lawyer can evaluate all aspects of your case, provide insight into the potential consequences of a conviction, and develop a strategy to minimize the possible adverse outcomes. The right DUI attorney can offer experienced legal advice and guidance and should be consulted immediately if you have been charged with drunk driving in Birmingham.

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