COVID-19 Creates New Incarceration Regulations

We Have a Plan for the Unplanned

In our 75+ combined years defending our Alabama clients, never have we seen a global pandemic affect the course of society in the way it has today. COVID-19 has created detrimental impacts on health, jobs, schools, courts and corrections facilities. Our attention lies specifically with courthouses and those working and residing in Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) facilities, because there is too much at stake for jurisdictions to permit reckless endangerment of those involved in the hands of justice the system, especially our clients.

The ADOC released a statement on March 20th announcing a “… 30-day moratorium on new intakes from county jails based on the State of Emergency declared from the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This restriction includes, but is not limited to, new commitments, court returns, and parolees and probationers who are revoked or sanctioned to a dunk … the Department will continue to receive inmates with severe medical or mental health conditions subject to the usual review process … “

The efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 could make a difference if they are implemented in a timely, effective and strict manner. As proven criminal defense lawyers with an acclaimed reputation, our team is committed to ensuring that jurisdictions are abiding by the ADOC protocols in place. We are widely known as fearless advocates with a successful track record for our pretrial litigation strategies.

In a devastating time like this, our pretrial litigation experience is key, which is why our team will work diligently to:

  • Release those who are currently in pretrial detention: Unnecessarily detaining people increases their risk of exposure.
  • Limit future incarceration and pretrial detention: Every decision that points to incarceration should be made with the intention of limiting that outcome to reduce the risk of the community’s exposure to COVID-19.
  • Eliminate in-person probation and community supervision check-ins: This unnecessary travel and public interaction increases endangerment of contracting the disease. Any other forced contact with the threat of incarceration should be dismissed.
  • Suspend outstanding court debt collection and cancel it for those most economically devastated once courts operations resume: Courts should forgive outstanding criminal justice debt for those who need economic relief most. This should include collecting failure to appear and failure to pay warrants, probation revocation related to debt and adverse consequences (i.e. late fees, suspensions and penalties).

These are just a handful of the options we will argue for to ensure our clients are not exposed to danger in the hands of the (ADOC). Nobody should expend their health, future and finances under the authority of their corrections facility. Our board-certified attorneys have resolved thousands of cases and will fight to ensure that yours is next.

You can count on us to navigate every possibility of enhancing your personal safety during this time, including methods such as:

  • Reducing money bail to reasonable amounts
  • Fighting for unsecured bond or release on recognizance rather than secured money bail
  • Arguing for holds to be lifted off those who failed to appear, pay court fines and fees, and report to probation
  • Advocating for the release of those admitted for non-violent offenses
  • Limiting incarceration as part of a sentence
  • Limiting in-person community supervision check-ins
  • Extending the recovery period for nonpayment

Everyone is being knocked down during this unprecedented time, so why punish those who have already been knocked down before COVID-19? Every attorney at Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant & Knight, P.C. possesses a commitment to finding successful resolutions to complex matters, such as this global pandemic.

If you or a loved one needs devoted, qualified representation for your legal matter, contact our firm immediately so we can begin strategizing a successful plan.

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